Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Olympic Bobsled Cardio Contest - Week 4

Yoga fans had to watch out this week as the exercise bonus included running the stairs. The fastest up and down the stairs 4 times turned out to be the leader of the pack - Chris. He did it in an amazing 1 min. 18 seconds. Great work Chris. Everyone is hot on his tail for the individual lead, while Team Italy is firing on all cylinders taking a commanding lead over Switzerland in second place.

Keep up the pace as we are at the half way point in the contest. Update results are as follows.

1st - Italy 173
2nd - Switzerland 156
3rd - Japan 136
4th - USA 134
5th - Canada 133

Individual Point Standings
1st - Chris C. = 103
2nd - Ada = 73
3rd - Tony = 61
4th -Wendy = 56
5th - Carmen = 54

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Client of the Month - Carlene Canton

As a team, we look to recognize clients with this monthly award that are making progress towards their goals. Now everyone that comes through the door has a different set of goals, which is what makes our job exciting and challenging. No two clients are the same.

When Carlene came two us nearly two years ago she was a completely different person. She started our program with multiple limitations and a distinct fear of further injury. We started slow and gradually built her strength and confidence. Today she does things she never thought possible with a courage and spirit that has every trainer at FTWS cheering.

"What I appreciate the most about Fitness Together is that the goals of clients can be incredibly diverse and yet all are taken seriously by the trainers. My goal is simply to improve my functional fitness level: Get through each day easier, with more enjoyment, greater stamina and fewer injuries along the way. That is happening: I’ve made significant gains in strength and endurance and along the way I’ve seen benefits in overall health, as well.

The relationship between client and trainer in very much one of trust. I trust my trainers to understand my history (and fear) of injuries --and I’m happy to report not a single injury related to my Fitness Together training! The trainers trust me to believe that I can do what he asks of me at each training session –even when my first reaction is “I can’t do that!”

Thanks to their encouragement, patience and willingness to proceed slowly, I have stuck with a workout schedule far longer than ever before – long enough to make exercise part of my daily life and to see progress towards my goal. That is very satisfying and I know I would not have seen those changes without Fitness Together."

Performance Running Group - 4th Session

Daylight is so inspiring. We are almost to time change which makes getting up early that much easier. This week the group hit it hard on the track and the bleachers. To warm-up those legs, the gang ran up and down the bleachers before hitting the track. The previous weeks culminated in putting all the distances together to challenge the body. One more week then we hit race season with the St. Patty's Dash to kick things off. Happy running!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Performance Running Group - 3rd Session

What a good looking bunch at 6:30 in the morning!

As we move from February into March, winter is giving way to spring as we can clearly see each other on the track now. By the middle of our session, it is fully light out. Hopefully, by the end of the running group we will be starting out in daylight.

For our third session, the light rain gave way to daylight and cloudy skies by the end of our warm-up. After some drills and using the stands to get the hear rate up, the crew dove into 800's (2 laps). Today's goal was to be consistent with each lap and with each set of laps. Race season is right around the corner, so this distance is great for running at a fast tempo for a longer period of time. Everyone is continuing to work on their form and efficiency. Slowly they are starting to see the gains. Keep pushing hard at the track and hit those runs away from the track and we will have a well-oiled team by summer.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic Bobsled Cardio - Week 2 Results

Things continue to heat up in the boblsed competition. It's a battle between team Italy and team USA for first and second place, but we still have a long ways to go. On the individual side, Chris is tearing it up with the cardio and exercise bonuses, but "Everyday Ada" is coming on strong. Keep up the team work and challenging one another to go for it.

1st - Italy 91
2nd - USA 86
3rd - Switzerland 71

Individual Point Standings
1st - Chris C. = 65
2nd - Ada = 46
3rd - Carlene 34
4th -Wendy = 32
5th - Carmen and Anne = 26

Welcome New Trainer - Rachel

While she has been with us for a few months, we did want to share a little bit of background on one of our new trainers - Rachel. She has worked at another Fitness Together location, so she stepped right in working with our clients. We are glad to have her easy going personalty on our team - don't let that fool you as you will still be making sweat angels. Welcome to the Team Rachel!

Here is a little background on Rachel in her own words. "I come from a very athletic background. I started at an early age playing every sport I could from basketball to soccer. I decided to pursue my passion for fitness and helping others by becoming a personal trainer. I love helping clients achieve their fitness goals; and providing them with the necessary tools and education to be successful for the long term. It's an amazing feeling as a trainer to be able to push and motivate clients to another level they didn't think was possible. I am certified through the National Federation of Personal Trainers. I am also CPR and First Aid certified through the American Red Cross. I am currently training for my first marathon in June."

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Performance Running Group - 2nd Session

We must have talked to the right people as week 2 was rain free. However, it was brisk under a cloudless night sky to start the warm-up. Nothing 30 yards of lunges and butt-kickers couldn't take care of. There was even a little frost on the track for the group to tip-toe around.

Everyone was in good spirits ready to tackle the 440's today knowing that we would see the sun coming up by the end of our session. The legs were a little heavy for some after the first week, but the power of the group pulled them to faster times than they thought they could achieve.